Why does my phone says no SIM Card? 4 Reasons; How to Fix it

If your phone is saying no SIM card that means it is not able to read your sim card or not able to be detected but what was the reason behind no SIM card detected? 

There might be many reasons why your phone is saying no SIM card or not being able to read the sim card correctly, so that way you can’t use the internet or the mobile services.

Today in this article I am gonna show you the answer to your question which is “Why does my phone say no SIM card” and how to fix it. First of all, I will show you the reason and then we will move on to the tutorial that will help you to fix it.

Why Does My Phone Say No SIM Card is Detected? 

There are a bunch of reasons why your phone can’t read the SIM card below is the list of all the reasons which might be occurring on your device which is causing the issue of SIM not being detected: 

  1. Data Roaming Off.
  2. Not Properly Interested Sim Card.
  3. Check Whether SIM is working or not.
  4. A Bug on the Device

These are the four reasons behind your phone not being able to read the SIM card and it is showing you the no SIM card error.

Now the actual question is how to fix no SIM card error: 

As we already discuss the reasons why this is happening now actually want the solution right and for this, you need to follow the below procedure: 

  1. Open Mobile Settings > All Apps.
  2. Now Select Sim Toolkit/SIM Card Apps > Storage.
  3. Clear the Cache and All Data of it.
  4. And Force Stop SIM Toolkit/ Card Apps then Re-insert SIM
  5. At last, Restart Your Smartphone.

How to Fix No SIM Card Error in All devices 

To fix no SIM card detected on your phone is saying that no SIM detected on the phone then you should follow the below procedure. The four-step simple process to fix phone says no sim card android

  • 1. Clear Data of SIM Card App

    Step 1: To clear the data and cache of SIM Card Apps/Toolkit

  • 2. Forcestop the SIM Card app

    Now Force Stop the App

  • 3. Re-Insert SIM Card then Restart

    Then Remove your SIM card and Re-insert it then Restart Device.


In most cases this issue can be solved by just clearing all the data and stopping the SIM toolkit app and then restarting your phone will fix the no SIM error.

And if it didn’t work below are the four additional steps that you can follow to be sure whether it’s not been mistaken from your side, even sometimes I also did this and inserted the sim and that’s creating a blunder. 

4 Additional Steps to Look After No SIM card Issue 

Below are the four additional steps that you should also follow because sometimes the mistake is from our and which creates many issues like Android Device Lagging Issue, etc. 

  1. Check whether you have inserted the SIM card properly and also check whether your sim card is clean > or you can just re-insert your sim card after cleaning it from cotton.
  2. Insert this sim card into another phone and check whether the SIM card is working or not. Maybe sometimes the sim expires and we didn’t know about it and that’s what creates the misunderstanding and blunder.
  3. If you have recently traveled from one state to another then make sure that your data roaming is on because sometimes when we change the states then our SIM gets into the roaming mode and if it is off then probably you won’t get any network or any signal for the SIM.
  4. Also, you can try to check whether your sim card is turned on or off from the mobile settings by getting the settings > Sim Card > Check if it is off then turn it on.

Moreover, you can just restart your phone several times. That will also help you because if there is some kind of bug it can fix it or you can try the above method which will help you.

Bye-bye: The Conclusion Time

The Conclusion for this Tutorial: Today I showed you why your phone says no SIM card and also how to fix no SIM card issue on almost any device. 

I hope you like this tutorial and don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you have any queries if you don’t have quires then do appreciate it because appreciation is the best for both of us I will appreciate your comments.

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  1. Recently, my phone says no sim card. That movement i was worried how to fix that, what happened now… But found this article kunal. Thanks!


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