Why Does My Phone Vibrate Randomly? No Reason, Here’s the Answer

You might be wondering why my phone vibrates randomly even in some scenarios. It vibrates at a particular time, that sounds scary. 

I have seen on Reddit or any forum website many questions like this. People are continuously asking: why does my phone randomly vibrate?

That is Why your Phone Vibrate Randomly with No Notifications

Your phone vibrates randomly due to a few reasons; any recently installed app, someone sent you a message but suddenly deleted it, or a bug on your smartphone. Moreover, this could be due to hardware failures. 

Now if you are wondering how to fix it and how to fix random vibrations then you could read this article that I have already written on a website. 

I have published it a few days ago and till now almost 27 people have commented that the problem has been solved and you can imagine how important and necessary techniques are to fix random phone vibration. 

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