Why Gmail App Notifications Not Showing And Not Working

You might suffer from the Gmail Notification not working, or it won’t even show up sometimes. You have been a Gmail user for more than nine years and have been fixing every issue encountered on the device since 2020.

I found five main reasons why Gmail App notifications are not working or the Gmail notifications are not showing. Also will tell the fixes in the article.

5 Reasons Why Gmail App Notifications Not Showing And Not Working

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All the main reasons for Gmail notifications not working on android are given below. Learn in BackDroid Style.

Why Are Gmail Notifications Not Showing Or Popping Up?

If you’re not getting notified about the emails from the Gmail apps, chances are it is caused by the change in notifications settings, hidden cached data, or the Outdated version. Moreover, sometimes it is due to internet settings.

clear cache of gmail app

Reason 1: Excess Of Hidden Cache

The First reason is the Excess of Cached Data. The data stored by the app to servers past emails faster, even offline.

Mostly, the Hidden cached data of the Gmail app makes the bug into the app, which simply blocks the notification.

Reason 2: Notification Settings

The second root cause can be the device settings changed for the Gmail app. 

Gmail App notification settings from the device settings

Yes, it sometimes happens when there are too many Gmail notifications on the notification bar. After we get annoyed, we remove all of them. In between the process, there might be settings that changed.

It’s good to change the Gmail notification settings once before trying anything.

Reason 3: Download Speed

The third reason why Gmail notifications are not popping up is. Check your internet connection when you figure out that Gmail is not showing you the notifications.

To check it, open any app that only works using the internet or check the internet speed using the Google Speed Tester.

Reason 4: Outdated Gmail App

The Gmail app might be out of business now, the version you’re using. Try to Fix that by updating the existing Gmail app using Google Play or any app store you want.

Gmail app update from the google play

Outdated apps are the most common reason we encounter app issues like this one.

Reason 5: Is It Running In RAM

Most users use apps that remove the entire background running apps, including Gmail.

Now you might have an idea of what I’m talking about. So, if using apps that boost device performance, the app removes all the services and processes, including email notifications.

To fix it, exclude the Gmail app from the booster app or keep the Gmail app running in the background.


I hope this article will help you know why icons are not showing in Gmail apps or why you aren’t getting notified about the emails in the Gmail app.

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