Why is My Phone Charging Backwards? Genuine Answer

Many times people asked us “why my phone is charging backward?” I’m getting lots of comments these days. So, making this question and answer article. 

There are a few reasons why your phone is charging backward. Mainly it is because of voltage and secondly because of the phone’s charging cable. I had experienced it myself. When I was charging my phone it started charging after an hour. I checked my phone again. And surprisingly it didn’t charge, instead, its percentage went down. In other words, it charges backward.

Why is My Phone Charging Backwards [Why Phone is Charging Backward]

Here’s the reason why the phone is charging backward? All the reasons are given below;-

  • Broken Charging cable
  • Multiple apps/services running in backgrounds
  • Unstable voltage supply
  • Charging a phone while downloading files

Above are the few main reasons which could be the culprit for phone charging in reverse. Read this article to fix reverse charging or phone charging backward. Follow below articles, made with love from our how to page.

I hope this article will help you to understand why phones are charging backward.

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