Why is My Phone Talking to Me? Here’s the Short Answer

If you are wondering why my phone is talking to me, this could be due to a few Google features. 

Many times people are surfing into the mobile settings and turning on a few settings that are not necessary for them. 

Google has lots of great features like Google assistant and talk back and do feature could be the reason why your phone is talking to you. 

That is Why Your Phone is Talking to You

If your phone is asking to give him orders to perform any task that means this is because Google assistant will assist you in completing any task.  But if your phone is speaking. Whenever you tap on settings it will speak settings. Or when you tap on any app and repeat the app name that means you have turned on TalkBack. Now you might be wondering what TalkBack is. 

The talkback is the feature that has been developed by Google for people who can’t see or are blind. 

To turn off TalkBack or to fix why my phone is talking to me you can go and read this article I had already written. 

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