Why Location Icon Always on Android? Here’s the remedy! 2022

Have you ever found that your location icon is always on on Android? 

Maybe yes you found your location icon always on. Weather on your status bar and sometimes in the notification bar

At this moment, you might have a question: why is my location icon always on Android. 

Why is Location Icon Always On, On Android?

The answer to your question is: whenever you see a location icon on that means there is any background running app which might use the location services to track you whether or not your location to share with anyone. 

An Example of Location Always On – Android

For instance, it was just a wonderful instance, one of my uncles has seen this. One day they found their location icon on the status bar so they were quite worried about it. 

One day they came to me and told me that to see Kunal, my location icon is always on. Is this something that impacts my privacy or what? 

So basically what was happening was that they were sharing WhatsApp location with their wife because of that WhatsApp needs to run location 24/7 to share location with their wife. 

I told them that you are sharing your live location with this contact. 

At that moment what I did was I just tapped on the stop sharing a location from the WhatsApp app so it just stopped sharing the live location and the location Icon is now being turned up.

To Stop Android Location Always On

So whenever you see that your location icon is always on try stopping any background running app that uses this service. Here’s how you can check this out by getting into Android Settings > developer settings > running apps. 

Or you may use a third-party app that will help you to force stop these apps so they want to use your location 24/7. 

I hope you found this article useful and I hope I sold your query on why your location icon is always on on Android.

How to Fix Android Location Icon Always On

That’s it for the article. Let me explain everything I showed in this article and also tell you three quick tips that he could implement right now. 

1. Check Background Running Apps

Whenever you note that your location icon is always on try figuring out which app is using this location service 24/7 in the background. 

stop the app running in background

Mainly these apps are using your location and sometimes you permit them and misuse it. So try figuring out which app using the location service here is how to do it. 

2. Restart The Device

Like being an Android user there are terms of pros but the con is Android is full of bugs. 

Restart Phone

Whenever you are using it, you will figure out that Android is little or sometimes things won’t go in the right direction. 

Try restarting the Android device so it will figure out and fix the location icon always on automatically by deleting the cache

3. Boot From Safe Mode

If you recently downloaded an app or visited any third-party website then it’s quite likely that they might have installed something on your smartphone but don’t worry. 

Safe mode android

So what you need to do is to boot your smartphone, boot your Android smartphone into the safe mode and then reboot into the normal mode. 

What it will do is it will close all the external installed apps and then when you reboot into the normal mode apps will restart from zero. It won’t log out nor the data is deleted, you can use the apps but now you need to open apps that won’t be running in the background. 

Then the chances are you won’t see the location icon always on on Android.

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