Why Phone Battery Dying So Fast All Of A Sudden? Here’s the Reason!

Your phone is 100% charged but suddenly in 10 minutes, you see 57%! How the phone battery died so fast all of a sudden!! Why Phone Battery Dying So Fast! Below is the answer.

This happens with every 18 smartphones. After year 2 most smartphones that are a little bit cheaper or come in the budget segment have this problem when your phone battery dies so fast all of a sudden.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and you find your phone is fully charged. But after a movement, you came back and checked your phone. You saw the phone is down to 40% how it happens!

If your smartphone is dying so fast and you might have a question why is my phone dying so fast all of a sudden then here are the few reasons behind it?

The Reasons Why Phone Battery Dying So Fast All Of A Sudden

A phone battery dying so fast all of a sudden has four main reasons behind it.

  • They might be a hardware problem or Sam complications in the hardware which caused this. 
  • You may root a smartphone that also causes the phone to die so fast. 
  • They might be a bug on a smartphone. 
  • Or it could be due to the software update failure. 

These are the four primary reasons why an Android battery dies so fast or any smartphone battery dies too fast.

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I have already written a few articles on it where I talk about these charging issues that happen on android smartphones.

I am linking here an article which will help you to charge your phone 10x faster speed and also linking a web stories which is a new format of reading articles on the internet.

I hope you found it useful and also got the answer to why your phone is dying too fast all of a sudden.

Have a nice day and make sure to restart your smartphone and follow the article that I linked.

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