Why Verizon Slow? 6 Quick Fixes

Why is Verizon so slow? Here’s the answer; Verizon Slow Speed. Learn Here; How to Turn slow internet speed into blazing fast.
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Many comments we receive every day about “Hey Kunal, Why my Verizon is so slow, and how to speed it up to get rid of this.” Previously we wrote about Tmobile being super slow and fixed. It helped 546 people.

Is Verizon so slow? In this article, I’ll share my proven ways to fix Verizon’s slow speed and show the community why Verizon is so slow.

Now, it’s time to fix the slow Verizon.

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Why Is Verizon Slow?

There could be many reasons and causes Verizon’s internet not working or being like a snail, which keeps buffering.

  • Conflicted network settings.
  • The Network is too far away from your home. Below are the possible reasons: 
  • Apps using data in the background
  • Using the Wrong configuration in your APN settings. 
  • T mobile might be down.

Frequently, people complain about phones showing no service or about ‘My phone only shows emergency calls. This happens due to conflict in network settings which includes mobile data, internet, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Instant Fix For Slow Verizon Speed Today

If Verizon is too slow, it might be due to apps using data in the background, Mis configured APN, or the Network running an update. Restart the device and reset the APN or network settings to make it back to speed.

How To Fix Verizon Slow Internet Speed (Download/Upload Speed)

Above I already showed and mentioned all the reasons you’re getting slow speed in Verizon, but now it is time to say Goodbye to this problem.

Below I’ll showcase tested and proven ways to fix the Verizon internet 87% of the time, it works.

1. Restart Your Device

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It’s the foremost essential for fixing Verizon’s slow data speed. So, hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap on restart.

2. Reset Network Settings

However, sometimes there’s conflict in the Verizon apn settings or any Verizon internet speed, which causes the slow internet speed and lots of buffering. Click here to reset the network config.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode On-Off

3. Toggle Airplane Mode On-Off

Here turn on the airplane mode once and then turn it off back. This gives an instant refresh to the Network to reselect the carrier on the device.

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6 Quick Tips For Verizon Data Boost | Fix Verizon Slow Speed

  • Your network type should be automatic(Auto Select); 2G/3G/4G/5G.
  • Update your device software is available.
  • Reset the network settings. 
  • Turn off any connected VPN service.
  • Restart your phone several times.
  • Contact the Verizon support team.

To contact Verizon: If you have questions or need additional help, please call 1-800 Verizon (1-800-837-4966).


Whenever you find where there is no internet on Verizon foremost, apply the steps and method that I have shared above. These are the most effective ones, which can instantly fix VeVerizon’slow speed today.

Above, I have shared all the relevant ways and techniques when the Verizon slow internet keeps things buffering, including videos, Instagram feed, or anything else.

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