Why won’t my phone stay connected to WiFi?

Won’t your phone stay connected to WiFi? If it happens more than one time then, believe me, Together we’ll fix it.

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Why won’t my phone stay connected to wifi?

If your wifi keeps disconnecting, chances are it could be fixed by restarting the phone & changing the WiFi name. A hotspot has the limit of connecting which can also cause this. If the phone won’t stay connected to wifi, the only reason is whether the password is wrong or the WiFI is a little far away from connecting to it

Moreover, To stay connected with Wi-Fi Keep the Host Post the near, Wifi only connects properly when it’s in the range (near wifi connecting device).

To stay connected to WiFi, keep the Wifi near buy, restart the phone or reset network settings.

Many times we had entered the wrong password.

Steps to Stay Connected with Wi-Fi

So whenever you can’t stay connected with your Wi-Fi you must try to reset your network settings. This will reset all your saved passwords. It can improve your device network connection for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data. 

Wait a minute? 

Thought about what does reset network settings do? 

Click here to know everything about resetting network settings, what it does, and what it resets. 

To stay connected with your WiFi, keep your Wi-Fi in the range, switch the 2.4 GHz. This shipment in the GHz of Wi-Fi will increase the distance limit of Wi-Fi. Which is very helpful when you want to stay connected with Wi-Fi 24/7. 

These are some of the main factors that you should consider when you can’t stay connected with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi is not connecting then these are things that you can try out.

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