4 Reasons Why Youtube Not Working; With Solutions

Youtube Now Working; The actual reasons Why This is happening; Learn how to fix if Youtube is not working. The simple tutorial.

YouTube Not Working Right? Today I have a tutorial in which I am gonna teach you how to fix if YouTube is not working. Also, show you why YouTube is not working and the reasons behind this. 

Like every website, YouTube is hosted on Google servers. And servers are places where all the data and the video has been stored and whenever you click on any video and the data reaches you from that database from the server. 

And sometimes there is some kind of conflict between database and server which creates YouTube, not working issues. But there might be many reasons behind it and here are the few reasons why YouTube is not working

The reason why YouTube is not working 

Below is the complete list of the reasons which might be the reason behind the YouTube app is not working

  1. YouTube is down
  2. Probably your internet is not working
  3. The conflict between your smartphone storage and apps data
  4. Outdated version

I think you might not like them. Because most of the people after just reading the reasons why YouTube is not responding or YouTube is down they will just go back without reading the actual steps that they need to follow to fix this and that’s where the conflict starts. 

These four are the primary reasons Why YouTube is not working.

But let’s quickly see the actual solutions and how you can fix YouTube not responding or YouTube not working.

Fix YouTube is not working  

Above I showed you the reasons behind YouTube Stopped Working. Now let’s see the solutions for this. And many people tried this and it works every time.

1. Quick Downdetector 

Check Downdetector YouTube

The moment when you open the YouTube app and you see nothing and YouTube is not responding at all you are not showing thumbnails of the videos. This is because YouTube servers are down or maybe you get a server error like 503 etc. 

Most probably this is because YouTube servers are down at that moment. So you can’t access the whole YouTube from a desktop or mobile device. 

To make sure the YouTube is not down just go to the down detector and enter the youtube.com address there to make sure if YouTube is working or not. 

On that note let’s move on to the second step to fix YouTube not working. 

2. Clear cache to make it work 

This is one of the things that I felt while using more than 1,000 apps a year. Basically, on this website, I mention the top 5 apps of top 10 apps for every category. And that’s why I need to install all of them and try to show you the tutorials on how to fix this or how to do that

And one thing I realize is that just by clearing the cache of any app which is not working you can make this app working again. This is the same thing that you should follow with YouTube if YouTube is not responding at all. 

Just clear the cache of the YouTube app and see if YouTube is working or not. On that note, there is a third step that you can follow. 

3. Check Connection Twice 

Aeroplane mode on and off

One day I was just surfing the YouTube app and watching videos just like any other person. After a few minutes of watching the YouTube app stopped working, I was like what the… what I did.  

After a few minutes of spending time and figuring all the things out there. Suddenly I realise that my network is gone and because of that YouTube is not working at all.

So I recommend you check your connection to turn on and off your airplane mode to make YouTube working again. 

4. Installing and Uninstalling 

YouTube update

After trying hundreds of Android applications a month. I figured that when an app is not working or an app is crashing you should uninstall the latest installed version of it or if you haven’t updated it just do it.

YouTube is pre-installed on most Android devices you can just get into the settings apps YouTube then tap on the three dots and you will get an option to uninstall the latest updates. Uninstall it. 

Then again go back to the play store and update the YouTube app and this time probably YouTube will start working back.

A Short Note on YouTube Not Working 

If YouTube is not working then Check on Downdetector if it’s working or not. Clear the cache of the YouTube app OR Uninstall the recently updated YouTube app. Then I install the update again to Fix YouTube Not Working.

So that’s it. I summarised the whole article where you can find some useful info if the YouTube app is not working at all or your YouTube is not responding.

It’s backdroid where you can find useful tutorials, apps, and games just for Android.

I hope you like this tutorial and if you like it then let me know in the comments if YouTube is not working then let me know I will show you if YouTube’s service is up or down.

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