6 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps 2022 [Android]

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Looking for the Best Wi-Fi Analyzer apps that can analyze your Wi-Fi signal strength? These apps can fix signal-related problems ASAP!

But most people don’t try any Wi-Fi analyzer app because they don’t know how well it works.

And congratulations, you are one of the intelligent people who came here to understand the weightage of an Android app that gives you many advantages. So congratulations, and thanks for coming here. Now let’s get started.

The 6 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps

Today I will show you the six best apps, and at the end, I will give my honest opinion on one of the best apps.

1. Wi-Fi monitor

WiFi monitor

This is one of the great apps available on the Play Store that will help you analyze everything about the Wi-Fi networks, whether it came from DP or TP-LINK, except there are many companies available globally and locally. 

This app tells us everything about a particular Wi-Fi network, like its download speed, the highest and the lowest download speed, the signal strength & where you are getting the high signal strength. That way, you can identify which room you are getting the highest internet speed. Even you can Check out our Guide on Increasing internet speed, Learn More Here.

If you want to monitor your Wi-Fi network and analyze any network connection in your area, then you should try this.

2. Wi-Fi analyser: Wi-Fi signal metre

wifi signal metre app

If you guys want to check any Wi-Fi network strength and look for an app that will tell you where the signal is getting high and low, using this app, you will get a meter that will indicate the signal strength.

And believe me, when you do this, you will realize that it is a fun process when you analyze any Wi-Fi signal and its internet speed. 

Features of wifi signal metre app

When I tried this app, I did every single experiment I could from one room to another, the distance covered by my Wi-Fi.

Overall it’s a great and “free app.”

On that note, let’s move on to our third-best free Wi-Fi analyzer. Check out the: Best-Fastest Browser, Android. You will Forget 5G!

3. Netspot Wi-Fi analyser signal test

Netspot an WiFi Analyzer

If you guys are generally looking for a minimal app, then I would recommend netspot because it is one of the minimal Wi-Fi analyzers with tons of great features.

The thing that I like the most about this app has the minimal interface UI and user experience. When I was trying this app, I was amazed after trying most of the Wi-Fi analyzers because this has lots of great features. Here are a few of them.

  • The survey, analysis, and troubleshooting of all the problems.
  • You can survey your own house using this app. You can check where the Wi-Fi signal is getting the highest or not getting there.
  • You can analyze all the Wi-Fi networks or Wi-Fi signals that are available nearby.
  • Even this app has a speed test meter that will help you to test any particular Wi-Fi internet speed, like downloading and uploading internet speed.
Netspot Wi-Fi analyser app features

Overall it is a great app. And one of the main things is the free app which doesn’t contain any ads. That means you won’t be annoyed by ads.

Wait!… Do you know What does reset network settings do?

4. Wi-Fi Router warden

WiFi router warden

Wi-Fi router Warden is one of the new Wi-Fi analyzers And Wi-Fi protection that will protect your Wi-Fi from persons who are always trying to guess passwords.

This app can help you analyze and protect your Wi-Fi, and you can even block strange devices to boost your Wi-Fi signal and even check which signal is better.

features of wifi warden app

And this app will also help you to block strange devices and find the default password of your router and all the essential details of your Wi-Fi or device details.

Overall it’s a great classic Wi-Fi router analyzer.

5. Just a “WiFi analyzer”

Wifi Analyzer App

If you guys are looking at one of the most simple Wi-Fi analyzers for Android, you should give it a try. 

This essential and straightforward app tells the real-time signal strength of each access point, and it can even help you speed up your internet.

It will analyze all the available Wi-Fi networks near you. This can help you to check ping to make online games smooth.

features of WiFi Analyzer

Overall it’s straightforward to use. You should try it if you are looking for a lite Wi-Fi analyzer for your device because this app is just around 5MB and has more than 5 million downloads.

So the next app on our list is an open-source Wi-Fi analyzer that you should try. It is a non-profitable app which means it won’t show you any ads and no premiums.

Open source apps mean the code or even the app is freely available for everyone to use and modify. To know more about open-source apps, then read here.

6. WiFi Analyser open source 

Open source WiFi Analyzer App

This is an open-source Wi-Fi analyzer that won’t show you kinds of annoying ads and all. I had a similar app a few years back. I could find channels that were put on to my Wi-Fi router to achieve the fastest internet speed.

You can even use this app to increase your Wi-Fi internet speed, and it will also tell you everything and every detail about your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi device.

Features of wifi analyzer open source

Genuinely speaking, it is one of the great apps I have seen before, and it is free to use and came from an open-source organization.

Even this app has 5 million downloads, even if it is a lite wifi analyzer app that won’t cover that much storage on your Android device.


So that’s it for today. I hope this will help you and that you will find the Wi-Fi analyzer app that suits you best.

And today, I have covered the 6 Best apps you should try. And most of the apps that I showed you are almost free. That means you don’t need to pay money or even some apps that don’t have ads.

Now the point; Where I am going to tell you which is the best Wi-Fi analyzer app, in my opinion? 

I think there are the two best apps I found on this list, so the first one is netspot, and the second one is the Wi-Fi analyzer open source. Yes, these are the two excellent apps that you should try on your device, and let me know what your thoughts are about this.

Yes, Most analyzers are safe, and even you can try them. Wifi analyzer won’t harm your device. It just gathers detailed information about all Wifi networks and displays them in an easy-to-understand format.

One Open source Wifi Analyzer is available on Google Play Store, which is Completely free to use. In the play store, the “Wifi Analyzer (Open Source)” is a Free wifi analyzer without ads.

The Basic work for a WiFi Analyzer is to Gather detailed data on nearby WiFi networks and, understandably, show them. The Motive of these apps is to help all the users fix all the Wifi related problems and Optimize wifi for better speed.

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