WiFi keeps disconnecting Android& ios? Here are the Best Fixes [Instantly]

Does your Wifi keep disconnecting? Here’s how to fix it: permanently. Learn 5 Easy methods to fix wifi disconnecting randomly. android/Ios.
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Wifi Keeps Disconnecting: Suppose you are in a situation where you have taken the headphones to watch any video online. You put your phone on your head and suddenly Wi-Fi disconnected! Boom. For a few minutes, Wi-Fi gets connected and the video’s most interesting part is Playing and suddenly the Wi-Fi is gone. I know how it feels when you desperately want something and you didn’t get it. 

If your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Android or iOS then this article is just for you. In today’s article, I am going to break down how to fix the Wi-Fi disconnecting problem if your wi-fi is continuously disconnecting. 

Smartphones are getting upgraded and getting lots of new and hidden features which are still uncovered by the users. And these settings majorly cause these kinds of issues. So let’s move on to the tutorial to fix “Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting” or won’t connect. 

Why my Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting 

That is one of the major questions that come among the people who have suffered from it. By the way, you are a great critic. 

Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting majorly caused by the new settings which came right after upgrading. Moreover, it can be caused by a few antivirus apps and even can be caused by third-party apps. 

How To Fix the Phone Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi 

In today’s tutorial, you cannot fix this permanently. Follow this tutorial step by step.

We can discuss a few steps which you need to do. To fix this, the phone keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi router. 

1. Try the Safe Mode 

Safe mode android

Most Android smartphones even each Android smartphone has a safe mode in itself which is also known as the default state of the phone. Where all the external installed apps have been disabled. Still, you can use basic services like calling someone and receiving messages over an SMS app. 

First of all, get into safe mode. In this mode try to connect with your Wi-Fi to see if it keeps disconnecting or not. If it keeps disconnecting then apps are not the culprit behind WiFi Disconnection. 

On that note let’s move on to the next step that you should follow if you have any Samsung smartphones and are facing this kind of issue. 

2. Turn Off This Immediately 

Very few smartphones have the setting to turn off wi-fi automatically/Switch to Mobile Data when the phone detects an unstable or poor Wi-Fi connection. 

Turn off this to fix wifi keeps disconnecting

Suppose if your Wi-Fi router is unstable for a few minutes and you are using it suddenly your phone will disconnect itself from the router. Just because the Switch to Mobile Data is turned on. And this when disconnecting unstable wifi or poor Wi-Fi connection. 

So to turn it off you need to get into settings > WiFi > Three Dots > Advance settings > Here Turn Off “Switch To Mobile Data”. Then restart your phone. 

However, following the simple method you can easily fix the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting or Wi-Fi won’t connect to the router problem instantly. Learn What does Reset Network Settings do?, You can also reset network settings.

3. Restart Your WiFi Router 

Restart Phone

Many times if you are seeing a scenario where the phone is the culprit then maybe we are wrong. This time the problem could be in the Wi-Fi router. A Wi-Fi router is having such a problem which creates and keeps disconnecting kind of errors.

So try to restart your Wi-Fi router once and see if it fixed the problem or not. 

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4. Uninstall Third-Party Apps 

If you started facing this issue recently try to remember if you have installed any app from third-party sources. 

uninstall apps and games

Or if you have downloaded a “modified app” that is paid for in the Google Play Store and you have downloaded it for free from the internet, that means there is something wrong with that app. 

Maybe that app is causing the issue that’s why you can’t connect to Wi-Fi. To uninstall any third-party recently installed app. 

5. Update Your Phone, Apps 

Many times I found users who won’t even update their phone or their apps. But that is wrong in the world of tech when technology is evolving so fast. If you learn one skill it will be outdated in a few days. 

So update your smartphone software to fix these kinds of small bugs which are causing humongous issues. Even sometimes updating all the apps can fix the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting.

6. Turn Off Wi-fi Power Saving Mode  

Wifi power saving mode

Connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi router 24 7 takes too much battery consumption or usage. Which causes poor battery performance in the long term. Lean How to Charge Your Phone Faster.

Even smartphones as an option of Wi-Fi power-saving mode will generally save the smartphone’s battery by decreasing the Wi-Fi performance. You can disable this and check if the Wi-Fi is disconnecting or not. 

That’s it these are the few steps that you should follow if your Wi-Fi disconnects randomly. This issue is majorly caused by the bugs or the new settings which are turned on automatically by the developers. 

I hope this tutorial will help you to fix it out and let me know in the comments if you fix your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting or not. By the way, don’t forget to bookmark our website backdroid.com, a website where you will get all the best tutorials, apps, and games, even web stories. 

Ok, bye have a nice day don’t forget to check out the above web story that I have mentioned. 

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