Will Clearing Cache Delete Media Files, Passwords, Or Data?

Simply answering the burning question: Will Clearing Cache Delete Media Files, Passwords, Or Data? Does it delete photos or any files?
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If you’re clearing the cache of any app or even the entire device’s cache files, the question which stumbles is, Will Clearing cache files delete my photos? Or Does Delete cache delete anything, including data, passwords, photos, or any media files?

In today’s article, I will tell you everything about it. I have cleared the devices and cached app data almost every day. Also, I got to know the big CON while clearing the cache. Let’s Dive in BackDroid Style.

Below is directly answering all the questions in one shot because that’s what BackDroid style is!

Will Clearing Cache Delete Media Files, Passwords, Or Data?

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Cached data is the data that makes things load faster. While deleting the cached files, it never deletes them, including media files (photos, videos, or audio), passwords, and data. Clearing the cache data can improve the device’s performance. It slows down the app.

When deleting the hidden cached data of apps or systems, ensure you are not clearing all the data. Often people misunderstand the difference between clearing cached data and clearing all data. Read here: What Clear all data means.

Keep This In Mind, While Clearing Cached Data Using An App

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We also cleared the app’s cached data but used a burner guard app one day. This app deletes ALL my files.

Here’s what happened. One day I thought of clearing the cache using an app and tried using the burner guard. Then when I searched for an image I downloaded two days ago, I couldn’t find it.

Then I searched my entire device storage but did not find anything. Then I realized the app deleted all the download files with the cache data.

Further, I wrote the reviews, and people commented on the same. However, now it has been removed from Google Play.

Here Is My Learning After Using An Third Party App To Clear Cache Files And Data

Never use an app that claims to clear cache expert, including google’s file go. I always prefer to clear the cache manually. It’s safer than anything.

Read our guide on clearing the cache of any android app.

Will Clearing Cache Delete Pictures?

Clearing the cached files, do not delete any of your pictures. It just wipes the excess data, which might not be required.

Will Clearing Cache Delete App Data?

Deleting cached files does not result in losing any of your app’s data, including passwords and profiles that have been logged in. It simply deletes any unnecessary or redundant data, which may or may not be required.

Will Clearing Cache Delete Anything?

Clearing the app’s cached files does not remove any of the app’s data. It deletes unnecessary data, which may not be required at all. It is best practice to delete temporary files as soon as they are no longer needed.


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So, That’s it for the article. Today we answered some of the burning questions regarding the clearing cache. Will clearing the cache delete passwords, data, and media files, including photos, videos, and audio?

Also, share my first-hand experience using an app to clear the cache. Have a nice day.

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