Change App Name/Icon, Do you know this? Learn More here.

Are you dreaming of renaming an app or changing the app’s name ?

How about changing the app name, or perhaps even more?

Renaming an app in android is possible, and plenty of people did it (I’ve changed all my app names, even their logo), but if you’re going to change the app name, then you’re going to get a kind of satisfaction and pleasure.

What Does It Mean to “Renaming App’’ on Android?

Changing an android app name simply means giving your app a new look and style when someone takes your phone in their hands. This is a fundamental goal for most android users and it opens up opportunities to manage/categorize all your apps.

Ways to rename any app on Android

Changing an app name of your choice can bring happiness to you. Naturally, this brings Comfort, meaning it’s not as simple as installing any app. 

It is a process, and when you consistently follow the steps, you’re likely to get comfort.

1 Third-party apps 

So here the tutorial starts where I am gonna show you how you can change or rename any Android App easily just by using a third-party app that is completely safe and downloaded by millions of people.

So that is Nova Launcher. It is the launcher that I have been using for the past 5 years and didn’t get bored with. 

Hear the process start

  1. First of all, go to the Play Store and download Nova Launcher, it’s a completely free launcher app.
  2. Now set Nova Launcher as your default launcher.
  3. Long tap on the app who’s name you want to change 
  4. Now click on the pencil/edit button 
in order to change app name

Now you can rename your app like I have changed my app name from WhatsApp to “my app” and YouTube into “the lifeline”. 

Here is a twist: by using Nova Launcher you can even change your app icon with the app name. 

Now let’s see how we can change the app icon as well.

To change the app I can you have to just click on that particular app icon like if you want to change the app icon of WhatsApp click on the WhatsApp icon. 

change app name and icon as well
select app icon

Then a custom icon and you can select any icon you want to even download WhatsApp icon PNG just by searching this term on Google.

So that’s it for today guys! I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. Today i showed you how to change app name and icon or you can say how to rename app android.

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