What is Editor’s Choice in Google Play Store?

Google's Handpicked Gems: The Editor's Choice Selection
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Editor Choice: If you have seen the Tag “Editor’s Choice” in Google Playstore, you probably have a question.

It could be What is the Editor’s Choice in the Google Play store? And here is the Answer:

Editor’s Choice Define

Well, let me tell you, my friend, Editor’s Choice is like being handpicked by a celebrity, but for apps. You know how famous people have a team of experts who choose what they wear and what they do to look their best? That’s basically what the editors at Google Play Store do for apps.

when clicked on editor choice from app's bottom bar

They go through thousands of apps and choose the best to feature as Editor’s Choice. It’s like a seal of approval, a badge of honor, a gold star sticker on your homework.

But what makes an app worthy of Editor’s Choice, you may ask? Well, it has to be more than just functional. It has to be exceptional. It must have great design, innovative features, and a delightful user experience. It has to be the app that makes you go “wow” and want to show it off to your friends.

And, of course, it has to be safe and trustworthy because Google wants to ensure you’re not downloading anything sketchy.

editors choice app from google play store

So next time you see an app with that shiny Editor’s Choice badge, you know it’s been chosen by the best, and you can download it confidently.

Editor’s Choice is the Best in-category app or game chosen by Google Play’s editors. These apps are generally mentioned as Editors’ Choice with a logo.

Editor Choice Meaning: The app is tested by Google Play’s o, ensuring its quality. The advantage of using an Editor Choice app is that UI/UX is top-notch and easy to use applications or games.

Editor’s Choice is a section in the Google Play Store where the Google Play editorial team handpicks and features the best apps and games available on the platform. It lists top-performing apps and games that meet specific criteria, such as quality, innovation, user experience, and popularity.

Some apps promise something but do not fulfill it. Theses the same applies to the games.

So, this tag of EC ensures the quality of the app or game.

Editor Choice Meaning Google Play

Editor’s Choices are apps and games in a specific category that Google Play store’s editors like best in that category or that app or game fulfill the purpose of that category.

smartphone in which google play store editor's choice opened

Editor Choice is a mark that shows the app/game is certified by the editors that Google launched in 2017. Google Play editor choice app/games being verified by the Google Play editors to inform users that the app doesn’t have bugs. However, if an app has the mark, it is treated as the Best game/app in that category

Who Selects The App as Editor’s Choice?

The editorial team at Google Play is responsible for selecting and curating the apps and games featured in the Editor’s Choice section. They review thousands of apps and games regularly, and only a select few make it to the Editor’s Choice list.

editors choice game from google play store

Apps and games featured in the Editor’s Choice section are considered the best on the platform. They are chosen based on their user interface, design, functionality, and overall quality. The apps and games in this section are also usually updated regularly, so users can be assured that they are getting the latest and greatest version of the app or game.

What is Editor’s Choice in the Google play store?

Editor's choice in Play Store

The Editors’ Choice section on Google Play has long been a fan favorite, but we’re kicking it up by adding better curation to help you find high-quality apps and games you’ll love,” Google stated.

The new section contains lists of different genres of Apps & Games that are considered ‘high-quality apps & games’ by the editors.

Curated lists will contain app genres such as five best Fitness apps or Students Apps and games such as five best Games or Arcades.

Editor’s Choice List in Google Playstore

Editors’ Choice apps

  • Go face-to-face with these video-calling apps
  • 5 meditation apps to find focus, de-stress & more
  • Work it out: 5 fantastic fitness apps
  • Strike a pose: Yoga apps to find your flow
  • Talk the talk with these language-learning apps
  • Rest assured: 5 apps for better sleep
  • Budget, track & save with these 5 finance apps
editors choice app from google play store

Editors’ Choice games

  • Behind the wheel: driving & vehicle simulation games
  • Cooking games for fun-loving foodies
  • Scarily good horror games
  • Our favorite pocket-sized platformers
  • Endlessly fun runner games
  • Make your day: creative crafting & building games
  • Unforgettable adventure games

Google announced this feature in 2017. Then at that time, people were curious about this feature. Everyone was thinking, “What is Editors Choice?” Why is Google announcing this? But as Time went on, people forgot about this.

Google Play Store

The Google play store was released on October 22, 2008, 12 years ago (as Android Market). More information about Playstore: Applications are available through Google Play either free of charge or at a cost.

They can be downloaded directly on an Android device through the proprietary Play Store mobile app or by deploying the application to a device from the Google Play website.

What is the Impact of an editor’s Choice app?

Being featured in the Editor’s Choice section can significantly boost developers. It can increase their app or game visibility and exposure, increasing downloads and user engagement. This is especially true for leading developers who may a different the same level of exposure as more established developers.

Overall, the Editor’s Choice section in the Google Play Store is a valuable resource for developers and users. It provides a curated list of the best apps and games available on the platform and can help developers increase their visibility and user engagement. For users, it is a great way to discover new and high-quality apps and games that they may have yet to find otherwise for users. 

Nowadays, new generations like you and me Are too curious and know What “Curiosity is a Sign of Intelligent,” so people again start searching for this. I hope that your Queries are solved with this post.

Q: How to get editors’ choice play store?

Ans: There are a few metrics on which Google play’s editor analyzes an app. The app should be easy to use; UI and UX also play a significant part. Moreover, the App is tested by Google Play’s editors.

Q: Should I download an Editors Choice app?

Ans: Apps or games which are Marked ‘Editor’s Choice’ can be downloadable because it’s officially being trialed and tested by the employees.

Q: Is Editor’s Choice Safe?

Ans: Yes, Editors’ choice ensures the users that the app is safe and secure.

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