How to Change Alarm Sound on Android

Here's How to Change Alarm Sound on Android. A step-by-step tutorial. With all the screenshots and videos. One guide.
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Here’s the tutorial to change alarm sound on android, a step-by-step procedure with all the required screenshots and videos.

This article will help change the ringtone of your alarm if you have already set one or even when you are just setting it up.

It can be used and applied on any Android device above the Android 5.1 (lollipop) version.

Also, check out all the screenshots to ensure you do it correctly.

Changing the ringtone of the Android and changing the alarm tone is almost the same.

How to Change Alarm Sound on Android

Step 1: Open the Alarm app from the drawer AKA all apps list.

clock app icon highlighted from the app drawer with a yellow arrow

Step 2: Tap on the Alarm whose tone you want to change.

all alarms on the device listed

Step 3: Scroll Down and tap on the Alarm sound.

setting up an alarm menu where the alarm sound highlighted with a green arrow

Step 4: Now select whether you can choose any song/tune from Spotify or the Ringtone option. Tap on anyone.

choosing the location to select a alarm sound

Step 5: Select from all the default and pre-installed ringtones. Or you can choose a custom sound for the alarm ringtone.

selecting ringtone for alarm

Step 6: Tap on Save to save the configured (new changes).

saving alarm settings including the time, days, sound

To Choose A Custom Sound As Alarm Tone

Step 1: Get into the alarm sound menu, where all the default ringtones list.

selecting ringtone for alarm

Step 2: Tap on the Add (+) icon.

option to select a custom sound

Step 3: Select sound from your device.

looking for a audio to set as alarm tone

Step 4: Tap on save to save these changes.

selecting and saving the selected audio file for alarm

Step 5: Tap on Save to save the configured (new changes).

saving alarm settings including the time, days, sound

Things to Know While Changing the Alarm Sound

  1. While changing it, make sure you save the changes because the sound won’t be changed if you don’t save them.
  2. Always choose the alarm sound wisely and carefully because whenever the alarm rings, especially in the morning, make sure it is loud enough so you get up and turn it off.
  3. Remember, while choosing a song as an alarm ringtone, trim or cut it down to the main or a louder part. Because when a user selects a song, the alarm only plays its tune.
  4. Make sure that Android is not on Do not Disturb mode. When It’s On, then the alarm won’t ring.

Source: Do Alarms Go Off; Silent mode, focus & on DND Mode? The EXACT Answer

These are a few things to know while setting up a different ringtone on the alarm.

Because these are some of the mistakes I have made while setting up a custom alarm tone. Sometimes it rings, but for the first 30 seconds, it plays the instrumental part and the central part of the song/sound, making the alarm ineffective.

Video Tutorial

Now let’s see how to change it with a video tutorial from learn and solve with backdroid’s youtube channel.


That is for this tutorial. Today I have shared the ways to change the alarm sound easily on any android device.

Anyone can instantly catch up on this. For any query on this topic, comment on it. I’ll share our take on that.

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