How to Save One Page of a PDF File Android

Here is How to save one page of a PDF. I used the same steps to save 1 page from a 147 pages PDF file.
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You don’t have to waste your time finding how to save one page of a PDF file. 

You came here, meaning your problem will be solved, and that’s my guarantee.

Because today in this article, I will show you, How you can save only one page of a PDF file on your Android.

Extract Pages from PDF or Save them in Android

Pdf files are one of the most valuable things, you can send your notes, recipes, or any business documents digitally, even you can attach links to them. That’s pretty cool, right? 

Step 1: Open the PDF

Firstly, open the pdf.

Step 2: Tap on Print

PDF print from Android highlight menu

Here, tap on the three dots first, then select the print tab.

Step 3: Expand the view

Expand view in the Print feature of Android

Here, expand the options for saving a pdf page by tapping the down arrow, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Select the Page Range

Saving pdf through the Pages tab from the print menu

At this point, tap on the Pages, then select ‘By range’ from the drop-down list.

Step 5: Enter the Page range to Save

Entering the range of pages to save as pdf or to save one page android

In the blank space, enter the page you want to save from a PDF. To save one page only, enter 1, and to Save multiple pages enter the pages you want to save by adding a comma (1,3,6). Lastly, to save a particular page set, enter the page range by adding a dash between digits (1-2 or 16-19).

Step 6: Tap on Save

Saving the pages from the Android print menu

After making the selection of pages, hit the Save tab.

In-Depth Tutorial For a better understanding

Once a year, we get some PDFs which are essential for us. Like your PDF might be time business documents, Notes, Recipes, etc. But in that case, you need only one page of that particular PDF.

So without wasting any more, second let’s get straight into the post:

  • Open your PDF file.
  • Click on three dots > Print. 
  • Press on the down arrow > tap on pages. 
  • Change all pages to a range of (Your page count).
  • Write the page number in the below box.
  • Click on save as pdf > Name your file.
Tutorial to save only one page from an PDF file

extract only one page from an PDF file

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save one of a pdf file

Other helpful Resources and References


I hope that this in-depth tutorial will help you to save any particular page of a PDF file. If it works, let me know in the comments below. 

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