How to Make Keyboard Bigger Android & Tablet (Enlarge Keyboard)

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How often does it happen when you think of any alphabet but type something else? This is because you are using your keyboard in a small size. 

Small keyboard sizes can increase your typing timing and let your personality down. 

Don’t worry: in this article, I will teach you how to enlarge your keyboard on Android. This way, you can make the keyboard bigger on any Android device. 

Keyboards and not just the keyboards are the essential factor while typing. And typing nowadays has become a life like mine. I am writing this on my keyboard. 

Let’s dive into the tutorial to make the Android keyboard bigger, and to increase the size of the keyboard. 

How to Make Keyboard Bigger on Android (Keyboard Enlargement)

Use this method to increase keyboard font, keys, and text size.

  • Open Keyboard Settings

    In the first app, you must get into the keyboard app settings by long-tapping on the comma (,) and then hovering it to settings. 

  • Tap on Preference

    After getting into Settings, there will be a few options listed. Here select ‘Preference.’ 

  • Select Keyboard Height

    In this menu, you have to scroll down and select keyboard height which means the size of your keyboard. Now set according to you.


For your convenience, below, I have already mentioned all the different sizes like; short, tall, mid-tall, and extra tall. 

All the keyboard size comparisons have been given below so you can see them and learn from them. What size would be preferable for you, even if you can try it yourself? 

The same applies to all the other Android devices to increase the keyboard size on Android. 

The moment when you increase the height of the keyboard, the weight increases automatically if you are thinking about the width of the keyboard. 

So, it will automatically increase as you increase your keyboard height. 

When the keyboard height is tall, the gap between the keywords is increased, which means it will be easier to press keyboards if you have little thicker fingers and even for your convenience. 

To Increase Keyboard Size Android & Tablets

So let me summarise everything in three simple steps to enlarge keyboard size or keyboard height on tablets & Android. Now, if you have any tablet or Android tablet, you can follow the same procedure to make the keyboard bigger on an Android tablet. 

  • Open the keyboard app settings. 
  • Here select your preference. 
  • In the preference, scroll down and tap on keyboard height. 
  • Select any one keyboard size which you would love to prefer. 

Wait a minute, does this question stumble into your mind? 

How many keyboard sizes are available on Android? 

There are seven different sizes available for Android keyboards. You can switch between them from short to extra large and even middle tall and short-tall. 

  • Extra-short
  • Short
  • Mid-Short
  • Normal
  • Mid-tall
  • Tall
  • Extra-Tall
All keyboard sizes
All sizes of keyboards are available on Android phones & tablets.

Comparison of Different Keyboard Heights

We are backdroid. We have written more than 150 articles, especially on Android devices. Everyone should know about the Android OS and how to operate it properly. 

That’s all from my side. I am Kunal Kashyap, the founder of, who wrote this article on how to make a keyboard larger on Android or enlarge a keyboard on android

Initial days I also didn’t know much about Android, but as time went on, I used the device and learned all the things. 

I hope you found today’s article useful today, I showed you how to make the keyboard bigger on Android devices. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Have a nice day. You can ask in the comments if you have any queries related to the keyboard or Android. 

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